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Make those hips great again!

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Let’s make those hips great again!


Over the past few weeks I have had the pleasure of working a lot with and learning a lot from Dr. Brett Palmer of Pacific Physical therapy. Lately our topic of discussion has been on strengthening the stabilizers around the hip to make squats less painful for me. What was happening to me was in the bottom of a squat I would feel a very uncomfortable pinch in my hip when I would drive up and out of it. What I discovered was that the muscles and tendons surrounding my hips were weak and not nearly as strong as they needed to be to help.

We started our work by working on stabilization around my hip mainly on all the muscles involved in external rotation of my femur. He gave me 2 simple exercises in which I completed 3 times per week either before or after workouts. Over time this has helped to make my hips feel great! If you are someone who struggles with discomfort or pinching in your hips, try out these simple exercises to MAKE THOSE HIPS GREAT AGAIN!


The Prescription:

Exercise one: “Skaters”

Brett called these Sharkies, I’ll call them Skaters because thats what they feel like.

Start With most of your weight positioned over your leg NOT on the slider. You then come into a quarter of the depth squat. Engage your abdominals Then push the foot on the slider back at a 45 degree angle maintaining your weight on the opposite leg.

Go back and forth in this angle at a slow speed the first couple times you do this then increase speed as you get used to it.

Do this 3 times a week / 2 sets: 45 seconds each side rest as needed.

Increase to 1 minute as these become easier. You can also grab onto something if need be to stay upright.


Exercise two: “Clam shells/AKA Jane Fonda’s”

Laying on the side of your body on the floor position your legs at a 90 degree angle. I typically put the soles of my shoes on top of one another. Use a small hip circle just above the knees. I begin with both knees on top of one another.

I then pull my knees apart as best I can purely using my outer hip muscles (Glute Medius) while keeping the bottom leg flat to the floor and my hips square to the floor.

I did these daily along with the Sharkie exercise (aka skaters) for 1 set of 1-2 minutes. The goal is to have quality movement in these exercises and to not do these fast. Each one is to be done with control until done properly each rep.


Try these out and let us know what you think. I recommend doing these 2-3 times a week. These also aren’t limited to just unhealthy hips. These can be used also for a great warmup before squatting or deadlifting. I hope you enjoy! I’d like to thank Dr. Brett Palmer for giving me these gems to get these old hips going again!